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The emphasis of his sayings is, quite simply, how to open your eyes and see, how to recognize and accept the present moment, how to stand up on your own two feet and how to be. If these things seem too simple or subtle, it may be because doing these things properly is apparently amongst the most difficult things to achieve in the world. Maybe we here in the west have forgotten how to look within. Maybe we never learned how to do it correctly. Maybe we have forgotten, with our rat race lives, running ever faster to every destination for what we know not why, the obsession of the cell phone stuck to the ear and the sickness of consumerism, blindly obtaining more and more money or material things without end.

If these things truly made us happy, we would not see so much sadness, depression, drug abuse, desperation and violence as we do amongst the general population. In this sphere, zen may be able to come to our aid, not only to better understand the sayings of Jesus but also to learn something of Buddhism as well, because what zen represents is something so urgently needed in our society today.

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Perhaps it is the cultivation of our mindfulness to better recognize the difference between quality and quantity, and to help us develop the power to increase the positive while diminishing the negative in our busy lives. If that seems too farfetched to the rational western mind, perhaps a more apt metaphor would be to compare zen to a dram or three of the finest single malt whisky, obtained cask strength from a single barrel without blending: It is very pure, very concentrated, very strong, very potent and as a result, a little dangerous should you go over your limit.

So with the judicious application and reserved utilization of zen, with great care and respect for the subject matter involved, it is my hope that the present volume does not overstep the limits of accepted convention while expanding the mutual understanding of both great spiritual sources. Nevertheless, the truth is that the way in which both Jesus and zen shine the light of understanding upon each other in saying after saying is nothing short of extraordinary.

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In approaching these writings with a calm and open mind and heart, it is my hope that in little time, the key to genuine serenity, lasting peace and real happiness may reach all who read these sayings and internalize their true inner meaning. This is my humble desire for all of my friends as well as everyone who reads these lines this Christmas season near the end of this year. Have your eyes really seen? Commentary: The enlightened do not taste death for they have penetrated to the source of truth. Superficial interpretations are far from the mark and will not do. Seek the meaning that reaches deep into the self and sparks a new point of view.

During the study of zen, rivers are not rivers and mountains are not mountains. After attaining enlightenment, rivers are once again rivers and mountains are once again mountains. Commentary: Jesus is here describing the spiritual quest. On the contrary, the real Kingdom lies within you. But if you have not found your self, you live in poverty and you are that poverty. But after realizing this, do not dwell upon this mind. Do not create a rational understanding of this mind for you will ultimately cling and become attached to it.

Simply maintain your mind like a clear blue sky. Thoughts like clouds come and go, come and go without end. Think them all without discrimination but do not become attached to them. Your very own consciousness is your entrance to the Tao, but your ego and your rational mind are not invited. These you must leave outside if you are to enter the Kingdom. The innocence, the self-less purity of intention and natural artlessness in all actions; the trust, faith and love that was already there before we learned what they were and separated ourselves from them.

They are still inside you. Rediscover these. Because there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed to you in broad daylight. Begin your search and in time, the subtle truth will enter your own consciousness This is the promise of zen and a glimpse of the entrance to the Kingdom.


The functioning of karma is automatic, it is a universal law written in your heart in a language that does not use words. What goes around does indeed come back around, if not in this life then in the next. Empty your heart and discover the law, the only one in the universe. Blessings or Curses, the Lion Monarch does not roar at random! But when did you order this appetizer? Blessings and curses follow each other throughout life without ceasing. Recognize these imposters for what they are, let them go, release them, do not attach yourself to them.

Learn to allow and assist every lion who wishes to become human to do so. In this way, more and more beings will become enlightened in your sight and the Tao will be awakened in the people.

There is no Zen in True Zen - Ekodo

He found a single large, fine fish among them. The fisherman did not hesitate in choosing this large fish, throwing all the rest of them back into the sea. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear! We all love the fish, but they and I are of different minds: I came to feed the fish and they came to catch and eat them.


Throw it all overboard back into the sea, give it all away and cultivate your own treasure within. Do not mistake this as a call from the beyond or whatever for you to do as you please. If so, this is a manifestation of the ego, one is not yet enlightened. Once true realization is attained, you will know from where your actions arise. Some fell on the road and so the birds came and took them.

Others fell on the rock so they could not take root in the soil or grow to produce any grain. Then others fell on good soil, they took root, and produced a good crop: they yielded 60 per measure and per measure. The teachings of the dharma is like the rain that falls from above. When conditions are ripe, then you will see Tao God. This is gnosis.

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This is Tao. Studying zen is like hiding your body in the flames; you may have guts of steel and a heart of bronze but here, they will surely melt like flux. The burning flame of Love imparts no pain, it is our own fear of pain and loss that effectively keeps us out. With no regrets from the past or hopes for the future, one Loves in the eternal present, without attachment, condition or expectation. This is the way of the Tao, this is gnosis, the realm of the Kingdom.

The dead are not alive and the living will not die. In the days when you ate what was dead, you made it alive. When you become enlightened, what will you do? On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you become two, what will you do? Everest as well as in the deepest oceans. An effective tool for temporarily suspending the logical mind is to actively read the sayings as if they were fine art or poetry because that is what they actually are.

It is this sense for the aesthetic insight that is the key. If you stop to analyze it, the inner meaning completely disappears. Who is going to lead us then? He lifted a flower towards his disciples and kept quiet for a long time. Not a word came out of his mouth. No one understood the meaning of this, except Kashyapa who smiled at the master. Lead if you must, but subdue your self before doing so.

Find your own treasure jewel, find the master within your self. Since you were born, you are thus come and heaven and earth came into being especially for You.

source site For so very long you have been two dualistic but when you become one enlightened , what will you do? But then these very rocks will explode with fire and will burn you! According to my view, there is not a single thing that can be grasped as real.