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Who created God -

But Ireland is different. In , we passed a new blasphemy law. The Islamic States at the United Nations were delighted.

Is It Logical To Believe In A Creator? Pt1

Led by Pakistan, they cited wording from the new Irish blasphemy law as what they want enforced internationally. And in Islamic States, the punishment for blasphemy or apostasy can be persecution, beatings, murders and executions.

Even Atheists Intuitively Believe in a Creator

For example, Asia Bibi is a Christian woman facing execution for blasphemy in Pakistan. Two politicians who spoke out on her behalf have been murdered, one by his own bodyguard. Ahmad Al-Shamri is a video blogger facing execution for apostasy in Saudi Arabia, which considers atheists to be terrorists. Several secular bloggers have been hacked to death in Bangladesh.

When Atheist Ireland campaigns internationally, human rights bodies from these countries ask us when Ireland will be removing this propaganda tool from their repressive regimes.

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Atheist Ireland has succeeded in getting the Irish government to commit to holding a referendum to end our blasphemy law, but successive governments have reneged on that commitment. We are continuing to press for this referendum, as part of our overall campaign for an ethical secular Ireland, where the State does not give privilege to any religious or nonreligious beliefs. But the developed world is becoming more secular, and Ireland is no exception. The Catholic Church no longer controls the people. We have moved on. Atheist Ireland is now training Constituency Coordinators to bring this message to every TD, Senator and candidate before the next election.

You can obtain a copy of the Code, or contact the Council, at www.

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Spiritual Path 4.

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Nullifying Our Personal Interests 6. Spiritual Progress 8. Structure of Spirituality 9. A Plea for Help Inner Motion and Development Eradicating Egoism The Way of Kabbalah The mass constituted elementary particles—the quarks and the electron—whose weights and electrical charges had to fall within immeasurably tight bounds for what would happen next. For from within the primeval soup of elementary particles that constituted the young universe, again as if by a magic hand, all the quarks suddenly bunched in threes to form protons and neutrons, their electrical charges set precisely to the exact level needed to attract and capture the electrons, which then began to circle nuclei made of the protons and neutrons.

All of the masses, charges and forces of interaction in the universe had to be in just the precisely needed amounts so that early light atoms could form. Larger ones would then be cooked in nuclear fires inside stars, giving us carbon, iron, nitrogen, oxygen and all the other elements that are so essential for life to emerge. And eventually, the highly complicated double-helix molecule, the life-propagating DNA, would be formed.

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Why did everything we need in order to exist come into being? How was all of this possible without some latent outside power to orchestrate the precise dance of elementary particles required for the creation of all the essentials of life? The great British mathematician Roger Penrose has calculated—based on only one of the hundreds of parameters of the physical universe—that the probability of the emergence of a life-giving cosmos was 1 divided by 10, raised to the power 10, and again raised to the power of This is a number as close to zero as anyone has ever imagined.

The probability is much, much smaller than that of winning the Mega Millions jackpot for more days than the universe has been in existence. The scientific atheists have scrambled to explain this troubling mystery by suggesting the existence of a multiverse—an infinite set of universes, each with its own parameters.

In some universes, the conditions are wrong for life; however, by the sheer size of this putative multiverse, there must be a universe where everything is right. But if it takes an immense power of nature to create one universe, then how much more powerful would that force have to be in order to create infinitely many universes?

So the purely hypothetical multiverse does not solve the problem of God.

The incredible fine-tuning of the universe presents the most powerful argument for the existence of an immanent creative entity we may well call God. Lacking convincing scientific evidence to the contrary, such a power may be necessary to force all the parameters we need for our existence—cosmological, physical, chemical, biological and cognitive—to be what they are.

Science and religion are two sides of the same deep human impulse to understand the world, to know our place in it, and to marvel at the wonder of life and the infinite cosmos we are surrounded by.