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Phantom And I caught you. Christine And I kissed you.

Phantom And I took you. Christine and Phantom With a need to urgent to deny.

And nothing mattered then except for you and I. Again and then again, beneath a moonless sky. Phantom And when it was done, before the sun could rise ashamed of what I was afraid to see your eyes. I stood while you slept and whispered a goodbye. And slipped into the dark beneath a moonless sky.

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Christine And I loved you, yes I loved you. I'd have followed any where you led. I woke to swear my love, and found you gone instead. Phantom And I loved you.

Love Never Dies

Christine And I loved you. Phantom And I left you. Christine Yes I loved you. Phantom And I had to both of us knew why.

This may have implications for the genesis of life on other worlds. Latest News.

February New Moon 12222: How to see the 'moonless' sky from the UK TONIGHT

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Love Never Dies - Beneath a Moonless Sky (legendado)

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