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Since it opened in , no one has ever escaped.

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Guzman will probably be sent away to the one-and-only lockup designed to incarcerate the highest-risk prisoners in the federal penal system - the Administrative Maximum Facility ADX in Florence, Colorado, located 90 miles south of Denver. Widely known as Supermax, or 'Alcatraz of the Rockies,' the facility opened in and holds inmates inside specially designed 'control units' that function as prisons within prisons. It is ideal for housing thugs like El Chapo whose syndicates are still operating. Its inmates are delivered in buses, armoured cars and even Black Hawk helicopters, to the sprawling acre facility around miles south of Denver.

The walls are thick and sound-proofed ensuring prisoners cannot communicate with each other. The bed is a poured concrete slab covered with a thin mattress and blankets, and there is a combined lavatory, sink and drinking fountain. The only furniture is an immovable concrete desk and stool, and for some prisoners a small black-and-white TV showing carefully chosen educational and religious programmes.

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Each cell has a slit-like 42in-tall, four-inch-wide window which is angled so there is no view of the sky nor of other cells. This is intended to prevent inmates from even working out where they are in the prison complex. Special restrictions are designed not only to prevent escape and keep corrections staff safe but to ensure that the most incorrigible inmates have no means of exerting influence or threats beyond prison walls. If an inmate needs a doctor, they must talk to them remotely through teleconferencing. Even contact with guards is highly restricted. Meals — eaten alone in the cell — are slid through small holes in the doors.

When taken outside their cells, inmates wear leg irons, handcuffs and stomach chains — and even then they are escorted by guards. Hundreds of cameras monitor their movements as metal doors slide open and shut along their route. A daily recreation hour is allowed for inmates to exercise in an outdoor cage slightly larger than the cells and built into a concrete pit resembling an empty swimming pool. However, it is likely El Chapo may end up in the Special H-Security Unit, also called the H-Hut, reserved for terrorists and others whose communications with the outside world demand the strictest controls.

H-Hut prisoners can be visited by only their lawyers and immediate family, speaking over telephones through reinforced glass windows. All conversations are monitored except official legal ones. El Chapo gave his wife Emma Coronel Aispuro a thumbs up after he was found guilty and escorted out of the courtroom on Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court. The trial heard hours of testimony from 56 prosecution witnesses. Trial proceedings veered between soap opera and horror film.

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The following day, husband and wife wore identical red velvet smoking jackets in an apparent co-ordinated show of solidarity. The court heard how El Chapo kept a private zoo — including tigers, lions and panthers — which travelled around on a miniature railway. Witnesses told how he and his men would take target practice with a bazooka and once plotted to murder a victim with a cyanide-laced pie. One testified how El Chapo tried to have him killed by having a mariachi band play a threatening song all night outside his jail cell — before a hand grenade was hurled into it.

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El Chapo enjoyed his notoriety and the celebrity it conferred on him. He once agreed to give an interview to Hollywood star Sean Penn while on the run, and had been working on a documentary film about his life before his final arrest.

When, near the end of the trial, he heard that Alejandro Edda, an actor who plays him in the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico, was in the court to watch him, he smiled delightedly. It's a tough place to do time'. However, prosecutors also revealed the stomach-churning brutality of a drug lord who first achieved notoriety in when he was blamed for the killing of a Roman Catholic cardinal at Guadalajara airport. Witnesses said El Chapo personally tortured, then murdered, three members of a rival cartel, including one he buried alive.

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Other bodies were tossed on bonfires. He would shoot his own men in the head if a drug shipment was late. Prosecutors also produced evidence that El Chapo and his henchmen often drugged and raped underage girls as as young as Both his prison escapes almost certainly involved corruption. El Chapo's new home? A look inside the sterile cells of ADX florence pictured above with stone furniture. Having twice been jailed and twice escaped — once in the laundry basket in and again in via a specially constructed mile-long tunnel with a motorcycle on rails and electric lighting — El Chapo inevitably became obsessed with his own security.

He had more elaborate tunnel systems built under his various homes and safe houses, one hidden under a bath tub and another under a pool table. Corrupt guards and officials enabled him to live like a lord, entertaining favoured inmates with dinners of fine wine, lobster bisque and filet mignon. Authorities counter that even inmates in the H-Hut can post letters, exercise in their cell, talk on the phone for up to 30 minutes a month and write books.

For the publicity obsessed El Chapo — who worked hard to convince the ordinary people of Mexico that he was actually a dashing, latter-day Robin Hood — the chance to work on an autobiography might be the only consolation of his grim new life. Scroll down for video.

Johnny Cash and Folsom Prison are now forever synonymous - hear one and you inevitably think of the other.

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Fifty years after this legendary moment in music history, the City of Folsom is paying homage to the bond between Johnny Cash and Folsom with the Johnny Cash Trail project. Curving through rolling hills dotted with oak trees, the trail travels along the edge of prison grounds. Designed to encourage community enrichment, the trail is open to all.

Whether on bike or by foot, the trail provides plenty of opportunity to get out into nature and enjoy the benefits of exercise. Coming soon to the trail, through fundraising efforts, will be the art experience: eight art installations inspired by the Man in Black and his historic performance in Folsom. The beautiful sculptures — designed and created by local public art firm Romo Studios and the Illinois based Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt Amrany — will be placed along the trail alongside breathtaking natural vistas.

A Prison Film Made in Prison

The Johnny Cash Trail is only 2. Most notably, the trail connects to the American River Trail, recognized as one of the top bike trails in the nation. The mile long American River Trail, also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail , is used by approximately 5 million people annually. The origin of the trail dates back to the s, when Jedediah Smith broke a trail between Old Sacramento and Folsom. Largely abandoned for many decades, after automotive travel took over as the main mode of transportation, the trail was rediscovered by cyclists and paved in the s to be enjoyed again.

Looking to elevate your mood and reduce anxiety? Getting outside can give your immune system a major boost while clearing your head. Not only does a dose of sunshine help you meet your Vitamin D minimum for the day, but time on the trail gives you brain a break from all the technological stimuli that can bog it down, improving thought function and lifting your spirits. We all know that exercise is important.

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In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control, regular exercise is the number one most important thing you can do to stave off chronic health conditions. Gathering your brood for a day on the trail can have all sorts of positive impacts. From helping your littles develop an appreciation for nature to encouraging them to be active, teaching them to care for mind and spirit to making new and lasting memories with them, the takeaway from a family day spent in the outdoors include far reaching benefits for young and old, alike.

As Folsom is a tourist destination for fans of Johnny Cash, the trail and accompanying art pieces are sure to increase interest and be a major draw for travel activity in the region, certain to stimulate the local economy. Every year, many-a-Man-in-Black-fan travels to Folsom, California to pay homage to Johnny Cash, drawn to the iconic place that he sang about on the album that was recorded within the prison walls.

While this is a very exciting pilgrimage for many, it can create a bit of a nuisance for the prison authorities. Not only are guards posted to keep prisoners in, they also keep watch to make sure the public stays out. A trip to the Folsom Prison Museum and a quick photo-op in front of the prison are exciting for lovers of all things Cash, but it may not be enough of a draw to convince those considering a vacation to Folsom to book their reservation. The Johnny Cash Trail and upcoming art installations expand the points of interest for visiting Cash fans, allowing more variety in how them can celebrate and pay homage to the Man in Black.

Knowing that an interactive art experience awaits them upon their arrival may be the very thing that turns a would-be visitor into a will-be.

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And the more, the merrier, as we all know a boom in tourism means a boom for local economy. True fans, that have traveled from far and wide, will be elated to enjoy a trail that leads to many art installations created in honor of the very man they are here to celebrate. It has been shown that public art has a very positive effect on surrounding communities, not only bringing joy to those who view and experience it, but also generating economic benefits.

Sparking job growth and a tourism influx, public art installations not only inspire travel, but can also persuade those traveling to the area for other reasons to extend their stay. Arts and cultural activities are often a determining factor in where one travels and how long they choose to stay. Imagine arriving in Folsom for a trip to enjoy Historic Folsom. Perhaps there is a street fair or festival that brings you, or maybe you just want to experience the Gold Rush town in all its glory.

Upon exploring a bit you find out about the Johnny Cash Trail, winding from the Historic District to the prison, with eight larger than life art installations paying tribute to the Man in Black along the way. Many people surely will, adding another night and day to their stay, thereby bolstering the economy of local businesses. Whether you are interested in hitting the trail, celebrating Johnny Cash and his historical significance to the city of Folsom, or simply want to experience the art, the Johnny Cash Trail is here for the benefit of everyone.

See you on the trail! On January 13, , Johnny Cash recorded a live album in front of an audience of inmates and guards at Folsom Prison.