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It has been widely condemned for the scenes in which women are brutally assaulted and for many, this film will be just hardcore misogynist hate-porn with a fancy wrapper, and those who admire it, or tolerate it, are merely the women-haters' useful idiots.

My own view is that this is a seriously intentioned movie, which addresses and confronts the question of male hate and male violence in the form of a nightmare. Of this, more in a moment. The Killer Inside Me is adapted from the pulp thriller by Jim Thompson, and Affleck plays the chillingly sociopathic Lou Ford, who happens to be the deputy sheriff in a small Texas town in the s.

It's a place where, as Lou puts it in one of his drawling voiceovers, everyone thinks they know you, just because they have grown up with you.

Jim Thompson's The Killer Inside Me

Lou is a well-spoken young man, and a high-functioning career professional, fluent in the mannerisms of old-school Texas politesse, never neglecting to touch his Stetson as he passes a lady on the street. He is engaged to a local girl, Amy Stanton, played by Kate Hudson, but is carrying on an obsessive affair with a prostitute, played by Jessica Alba, and surrenders to the ecstatic love of violence this affair has unlocked within him.

The Killer Inside Me Synopsis

Lou has a sadistic taste for rough sex, evidently implanted by a troubled family background — a taste that is the prelude to a horrific, explicit succession of assaults. Lou rationalises these as the means by which he can pursue his plots and grudges, but clearly it is an addiction beyond his control or understanding.

Winterbottom ratchets up the fear and the intimate unease with shrewdly chosen classic country numbers in the Hank Williams vein on the soundtrack — especially in the scene in which Lou goes on an aeroplane trip to Fort Worth.

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These are keening melodies of male self-pity that promise a terrible denouement. Winterbottom consciously turns the provocation dial up to 11, to 12, to 13 and beyond by making the victim actually appear to be grateful and submissive. As if to turn the screw again and again, the film devises a scenario in which violence is meted out against a victim who is in some sense a consenting partner, and whose submissive love survives even after the full horror is disclosed.

My view is that Winterbottom has consciously taken to extremes a situation that other types of drama would evasively sentimentalise.

The Killer Inside Me () - IMDb

The film put me in mind of Nancy's notorious song from the musical Oliver! This song concluded every episode of the BBC TV reality show designed to cast Oliver, without any indication of what it was actually implying.

There can be no doubt that Lou is loathsome, or that the still uncorrupted forces of law and order are visibly committed to his apprehension, but this is, I think, not exactly the point of Winterbottom's film. View cart Add to wishlist Your Wishlists. Add to cart.

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Add to wishlist Your Wishlists. A deputy sheriff, Lou's known to the small-time criminals, the real-estate entrepreneurs, and all of his coworkers--the low-lifes, the big-timers, and everyone in-between--as the nicest guy around.

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He may not be the brightest or the most interesting man in town, but nevertheless, he's the kind of officer you're happy to have keeping your streets safe. The sort of man you might even wish your daughter would end up with someday.

The Killer Inside Me Summary & Study Guide Description

But behind the platitudes and glad-handing lurks a monster the likes of which few have seen. An urge that has already claimed multiple lives, and cost Lou his brother Mike, a self-sacrificing construction worker fell to his death on the job in what was anything but an accident.

A murder that Lou is determined to avenge--and if innocent people have to die in the process, well, that's perfectly all right with him. You May Also Like. More info Introduce a friend to Book Outlet and earn points. Close Go To Cart Checkout. Thompson, Jim King, Stephen.