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He did this using a cold canvass system at office buildings, meaning he had no pre-arranged appointments. Most of us can't conceive of talking to that many people in one day.

The Success System That Never Fails

He might have made some sales of multiple policies for some families, but he must have seen an awful lot of customers in a day to make those sales. I can visualize him running down the halls!

One of the decisions that Stone made to increase his production was to limit the time he would spend on his sales effort. If a customer wouldn't make the commitment in the designated time, he would move on to the next call.

W. Clement Stone Quotes

When Stone reached the 72 policy per day level, he started concentrating on building his own sales force. When the Great Depression hit, he devoted more of his attention to creating a sales training program to improve the effectiveness of his sales team, including spending some initial time with new salespersons in the field. He also developed custom insurance policies that would be easy to sell and renew. Stone believe the key components of a success systems that never fails are 1 inspiration to action; 2 know how; and 3 activity knowledge.

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The system should be managed based on a record of "success indicators", which was his sales log. The system should be constructed by documenting what works, including phrases that customers respond to.

His first key phrase was his sales opening -- "I believe this will interest you also. He developed a two-page form letter and two circulars for direct mail that he used for recruiting for many years in his business, and a screening process for hiring salespeople. One of Stone's key concepts is, you are subject to your environment.

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Inspirational Words of Wisdom. Clement Stone Quotes May 4, - September 3, Be inspired by these quotes from this successful American business man. He founded the Combined Insurance Co. His many successes included the "Success: The Magazine for Achievers", which he edited and published. He was an author and a philanthropist.

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He inspired many people including Napoleon Hill who studied W. Clement Stones many successes.

Clement Stone, Believe and Achieve: W. In this sense, everyone is a salesman. Whatever it may be, it must be something you can pursue with passion, with a burning desire that will give you strength when you are weary and the odds are long. Clement Stone Action.

You can be different. And the little things that are bad ripen into big things that are bad. And this applies to decisions.