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Preview — Six Months of Manhood by Ms. As an attractive woman, I've been hit on a million times. I know what works and what doesn't. Now, it's about sharing with you what women want. Your alpha male friend, the bartender, the GQed-up gigolo, and the rock-star athlete might think they have women pegged, but it's impossible to decipher Woman Code if you don't come equipped with a vagina. My sole ownership of one As an attractive woman, I've been hit on a million times. My sole ownership of one for 41 years provides me with expertise in this field.

In this book, I'm the voice of collective women-women that want men to hear and "get" them.

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This book isn't just about how to get more women. It's about how to "get" women-your business plan to understanding how we think, what we want, and why we're different. Six Months of Manhood: Your Business Plan to Getting Women offers solutions to the following: - How to write an internet dating profile that will attract women - When and what to text or email her - Qualities women crave in men-and how to bring it - Approaches that work - How to increase your confidence in and out of bed - Why women lose interest-and how to keep hers - Identifying the signs that she's into you - Overcoming divorce - How to date-and get what you want And much more Just like in business, dating is a numbers game.

Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details There are many barriers to people changing their lifestyles. Processed food, high in salt, is widely available and often cheap. People also prefer the way it tastes. Fatty foods, especially meat, are also widely available and popular. People experience difficulty finding the time to exercise and in today's climate, women especially, feel unsafe jogging or walking alone in public, especially after work or early in the morning when streets are dark due to lack of adequate street lighting.

Alcohol and smoking are also heavily marketed by industry as socially desirable habits and together with stressful lives, peer pressure and addiction, it is difficult for people to quit smoking or drink alcohol sensibly. These issues have been dealt with extensively in S.

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City 2 and 3. Soul City's lifestyle message will focus on encouraging people to become more active as part of their normal daily lives so as to present choices that are doable. School leaving youth face a lack of formal job opportunities and insufficient resources to further their education or gain the skills to improve their chances in the formal job market. The ramifications of this are often unemployment and potentially turning to less desirable options to earn income.

The reality is that for many people, starting their own business is the only option for survival. However, most people will struggle to get financial help credit from a bank only cater for medium size and above businesses and money lenders usually charge exorbitant interest rates. For many, applying to an NGO which specialises in micro loans for small business is the only viable option. What are the issues related to eligibility for credit from a micro lending institution?

What is a business plan?


A business plan is something that shows the microlender that the person requesting the loan has done some research into the viability of the business idea. For example:. How can a potential borrower enhance their chances of a loan? One of the increasingly important aspects of micro lending is the idea of the borrower sharing the risk as a "measure of their seriousness" i. This can be demonstrated for example if the person can show that they have been able to save a certain amount each month and that they are willing to use this to help them secure a loan.

2. The Twenty-Second Year (A.D. 16)

This also demonstrates their ability to budget and to make this kind of financial commitment. These savings may act as a deposit or as surety. Either way, the person has demonstrated some seriousness, some willingness to put some of their own money "on the line" and have indicated some affordability.

Business Plan Presentation - How to write a business plan for investors

It is important that people can show a record of savings e. About Us What we do Where do we work? Community Activism The Soul City series is committed to fostering a spirit of community activism as an essential component of development. Gender Sensitivity and the Empowerment of Women Some of the Series Four topics such as "violence against women" and "youth sexuality" address gender issues specifically. Similarly, the portrayal of non-sexist men and good communication in relationships between men and women is also important Positive parenting Encouraging parents to communicate positively and more openly with their children is also an important background message.

Violence and guns There is a growing body of evidence on the impact of violence in the media. Racial Stereotyping The series is committed to the spirit of non-racism and racial stereotyping is to be avoided at all costs. Victim Blaming Very often people want to make healthy, positive choices but are constrained by obstacles in their environment.

Avoid Conveying Messages Through Fear It has been shown that messages conveyed in a manner that maximises fear, often results in audiences ignoring or blocking that message by finding some way to convince themselves that it applies to people other themselves. Alcohol and cigarettes The glamourisation of these substances in the media has been identified internationally as contributing to increased consumption, especially by young people, thus we endeavor at all times to deglamourise tobacco and alcohol, and do not show characters drinking and smoking unless it is related to a message.

Violence Against Women Aims To contribute to a social climate in which violence against women is viewed as unacceptable To encourage people to recognise violence against women as everyone's problem and to take action to combat it. Key Messages Domestic violence is wrong. It is never acceptable or excusable.

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Domestic violence is not a private affair - it affects us all - men and women. We can do something to stop it. We do not have to tolerate violence against women as inevitable - as a woman's "lot in life" or a "cross that she must bear".

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  • Get help helpline , woman's organisation Give help to abused friend. The community must say that it's wrong Don't stand by doing nothing: call the police, make a noise to distract abuser until police arrive. Inform audiences of national toll free line. Domestic violence is a violation of a woman's human rights. It hurts children too. Break the intergenerational cycle of violence. Teach your children that violence against women is wrong. Domestic violence is against the law The police are meant to support you You can get an interdict to prevent abuser harming you any further You can lay a charge of assault Culture and religion condemn, not support, violence against women.

    Real men don't abuse women; women do not respect abusive men. Mr Nice Guy can be abusive Challenge myths such as "she must have done something to deserve it; if it was so bad she would just leave". Men do not own women - men and women are equal The series should Role model a non-sexist man who doesn't believe men own or have the right to abuse women. Show abuse can be physical but also emotional, economic, psychological etc Show impact on mental health of woman and the children Show a woman moving from a state of no confidence and low self-esteem to one of more confidence as she gets access to more information and support.

    If time - initially she would blame herself and make excuses for her abuser and although at times she considers leaving him, she worries about where she will go to and how she will survive. She also worries about her children not having a father.

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    • Be inspiring to abused women. It should give them a sense that they are not alone and they can take action. That what they are experiencing is wrong and a violation of their human rights. Inspire friends and community to take a stand and speak out against violence against women. Give supporters the sense that what they are doing will help even if it not the advice they want the woman to take.

      They can give support ranging from simply listening, to going with the abused woman to court, to the doctor, to the police station. Role model elders and people in the traditional structures taking a stand against violence against women. Role model a priest who says it is not a "cross that the woman must bear". Role model a friend giving help to an abused woman. This is disempowering.

      The 3-step plan to make your manhood ‘BIGGER’ – according to the NHS

      The friend shouldn't give up if she keeps on going back. The support is important and will give her strength to make informed choices. Background Violence against women in South Africa is said to have reached epidemic proportions. South Africa has the highest rape statistics in the entire world.