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Hyderabad post-graduate students believe NTR stands for Nothing To Report

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Leasor brings to 'Nothing to Report' a journalist's straightforwardness, and an on-the-spot sureness about how frightened men behave, that are both refreshing and effective. From General Headquarters, the word went out that the invasion must be stayed whatever the cost and thus it was that the men of draft RAKXK were sent to one of the unknown, unheard of places in India to defend one of the smaller sectors of the front.

NTR is their story and tells of their battles, their loves, their deaths.

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  8. For they travelled halfway round the world, they endured dangers by land, sea and air, and then, in the end, what was the message they sent back? NTR - Nothing to Report. The reason behind this, illustrating all the irony of war and its consequences, is related in James Leasor's semi-autobiographical, moving and realistic novel.

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