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Almost like finding a lost treasure after years of searching. But I never would have had this experience if I had stopped looking. I have lived in Columbus for more than half of my life. Since I moved back as an adult, I looked for a group to join where I could meet new people with like interests. I have checked out all sorts of groups and never found exactly the right fit until yesterday. The best way to explain the feeling I had yesterday was how I felt the first time I looked at my home 11 plus years ago.

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As soon as I walked into the kitchen, I felt like I was at home. I am so incredibly excited to become involved in this organization and so grateful I never gave up looking for a group like this.

Local 'Networking Diva' Monica Sparks releases new book -

There are some amazingly creative and determined women who really inspire me--not only with their business ideas but with their dedication to personal growth and development and their incredible support for everyone there. It's like Small Business Saturday everyday with this group! Today, I woke up so inspired and thankful to be in this world! It was so beautiful to be in a room full of powerful, purposeful and supportive women from all walks of life!

Thank you for following your vision Noni!! My spiritual cup is full! Thank you Noni Banks for the work that you do. Today was beyond anything I could have mentally prepared for. I walked away a better person and leader and I am truly grateful. What a magnificent event and inspiring Celebration of women dear Noni Banks! Thank you for encoraging us and letting us know that we shouldn't ever ever give up.

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I'm still blown away with how amazing the event was overall. From the speakers to the swag bag, I was blown away with the amount of information and tools that I took home with me. The actionable strategies that I could put into play for my business on the same day is what I went for and what I went home with to implement. I'm really excited to be able to see more events like this in the future! Thank you for extending such a warm welcome to me last night during your Cocktails, Conversations and Connections event. I had such an amazing time speaking with you and the other members of the Diva Movement network.

I felt as if I belong within this space in which you created and helped foster to thrive. Welcome to our League of Extraordinary Women: A supportive community of purpose driven women who are moving boldly in the direction of their dreams. A movement to create a world of empowered women who are moving boldly toward their dreams.

Welcome to The Diva Movement Inc. Our mission is to empower, motivate and inspire ordinary women to live extraordinary lives. Ready to experience a breakthrough in your business and personal life? Grow Enrichment tools, interactive sessions and resources to help you gain momentum in all areas of your life. Strategies to help you build a life you envisioned.

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Connect Build purposeful and intentional relationships with other women. Create, connect, and collaborate with an empowering network of women. Empower The Diva Movement offers mentoring opportunities along with support and encouragement to help you pursue your purpose, passions and dreams. Love from other ladies….


Tammy Walker. Because of your bold confidence you are creating other women to do the same? Chya Nicole. AnaMaria Perales-Lang. Margaret A.

Girl Bosses On Youtube ! Where You At Divas? Lets Connect and Network.

So glad to have attended thus phenomenal event full of rich information and empowerment tools. Kim Carter. Sheryl Lake. Brishundra McGrier. The Diva Movement because it is a place of encouragement, empowerment, inspiration and support! Because what his books are about is only part of the story - what really matters is how they make you feel.

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Gold will make you cry. Gold will make you feel glad to be alive. Gold will make you count your blessings. Gold is a story told as only Chris Cleave could tell it. And once you begin, it will be a heart-pounding race to the finish. Simsion Graeme The Rosie Project. Meet Don Tillman.

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