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I LOVE this series. In all honesty, I have suffered for years from clinical depression, and was suffering from a very serious downturn. This series helped get me through. The friendship, the camaraderie, the family, the love and laughter, helped tremendously. It was extremely helpful in getting me to that turning point back to me. I laughed till my belly hurt, then cried until I couldn't see the words. I felt anger and betrayal for those whose journey was suspended.


I found redemption, grace, and, most of all, hope. I loved the lessons these stories conveyed, and the poignancy with which they were told. I have several favorite characters, Mary and Bradley and, by extension, Clarissa , being the foundation. Ian is someone I want to meet, and get to know, and just listen to him talk. Hopefully, he wears the black shirt but don't tell Gillian I said that Dear Mike.

I cried so hard for him for some reason, especially the role he was given. It was a sweetness that I didn't even know i was craving. I love Mike. I want Mike on my side. The O'Reilly clan. Can I move in with them?? Or maybe just visit Ireland with Sean?? I suspended all other reading until I got through the entire series, and feel as though these characters are my friends and family. Please, please, please, give me more! Miss Terri, your writing is superb. Let it be polished until it glows. Let me be your proofreader beta reader? Apr 18, Tonya Hodgson rated it really liked it. There seems to be a time in every series where the magic seems to wane a bit.

After the emotions of book four I was unsure if I wanted to keep going.

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Book 5 was a bit deep and with Ian taking the center stage in that investigation the book was fine but lacked the heart that the earlier books did. Ok big mistake on my part. The "crushing kiss" gets mentioned in several reviewers. It personally didn't bother There seems to be a time in every series where the magic seems to wane a bit.

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It personally didn't bother me. I have found several of the writers I like to read put imagery in their books that they use over and over again. If you are old enough to remember the Hirshfeld doodles where he would hide the word Nina in his drawings, that is what these repeated images seem like to me. Back to Natural Reaction. I liked it. It had some drama but not in a bad way. What I like: still no love triangle. The cast of characters is still larger than I would like. It is a fun fast read. The romance is pretty slow burn.

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Which works for me. Dislike: the villains. In this book Rosie does the same thing Bradley did in a previous book and faced the same result.

That the result was a surprise really should have been expected. Mar 06, Lori Walsh, Guaresimo rated it really liked it.

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It was good and all the characters loved, well except for the bad guys. Rosie acted a little dense in this one didn't like that. The kids were great I thought I knew who Bradley's daughter was but not now that would make it to easy.

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Love Mike and Ian, but Ian has to stop saying he wants to marry Rosie getting old fast so is crushing his lips to her, Mary's and Bradley's lips must be pretty bruised another thing that's getting old it's in each book, enough please. I never want Mike to leave ever It was good and all the characters loved, well except for the bad guys.

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I never want Mike to leave ever or Ian, Bradley needs to man up a little, he seems kinda week in the books were Mike comes off as being so Alpha, Ian needs his woman with him because he's getting to friendly with Mary. Still a good book except for the little pet peeves I've mentioned. Feb 13, Bette rated it liked it Shelves: So Ian, Rosie and Stanley suggest that they try to help Coach Thorne to pass thru the light after 40 years of haunting the local high school.

Coach Thorne died in a high school chemistry lab.

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Or, was it murder as claimed by a fellow teacher? A light-hearted mystery with ghosts sharing their problems with Mary. The romance between Mary and Bradley is back on now that Bradley has been able to arrest the murderer of his wife, and has put her to rest. An enjoyable read to escape the cares of the day. Jul 29, Stacy Spoonster rated it it was amazing. Natural Reaction Wow!! I did not see that ending coming!

Fantastic story and amazing characters. This series is quickly becoming one of my favorite paranormal mysteries. I love the relationship between the characters, especially Rosie and Stanley. They are just so cute!! Andy reminds me of my oldest nephew. The little stinker. LOL I highly recommend this series to mystery lovers.

May 06, Dawn Gee rated it really liked it. Very good mystery The mystery is written very well but it is sad and kind of heart wrenching. More of Bradley former life becomes clear while other parts could possibly have a big impact on others close to Mary.

Final Call: A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery - Book Four

Addictive series for sure because I keep reading the book's back to back just taking breaks to eat. Jul 30, Stephen Goforth rated it really liked it. Great lead characters that are easy to admire, and grow close to, a clever story arc, and a few nice surprises along the way.