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This is also the time when the yearly Traditional Ham and Sausage Fair takes place. Whatever cured meats we will see, like DO Teruel hams, pork loins, and chorizo, come from the dry curing facilities the family owns in Venta del Aire. Their confited, pear-filled marzipan made with pear syrup, fresh eggs and the wonderfully plump local Marcona almonds is ordered every year as a gift to the.

Royal Family. Approaching the Mediterranean As we approach the Mediterranean, we now see occasional plantations of both medlar and the somewhat awkward looking persimmon trees, stripped of all their leaves by the time the fruit ripens. Things are off to a good start. Entering Altura, our next village, we pass a magnificent municipal swimming pool and recreational grounds which are accessible to everyone. Altura is no exception, as.

A little further we find the local olive oil cooperative where, in the fall, growers patiently wait in line to drop off freshly picked olives, often until well after dusk. The type of olive grown here is the Serrana, an native variety that has been recovered to produce a fruity yet full-bodied olive oil under the brand name Oliespal. It is now recognized under the Designation of Origin Aceites de Valencia which comprises nine regional areas. In olive oil from Altura had already won a quality award. In order to promote their top-quality regional products more efficiently,.

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At facilities featuring the latest, FDAapproved technology, they are still making traditional cheeses: servilleta, typical in interior Valencia, means napkin, and the cheese owes its name and peculiar package-like shape to the impression of the linen cheese cloth which, with its four corners tightly knotted together in the center, is used to press the cheese. The result is a beautiful ash-grey rind and a milky. It has a robust flavor reminiscent of dried fruit. Although their principal client is the high-end market in Spain, they also export to many European countries, the United States, and South America.

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November through March. Algar de Palancia, Algimia, and Alfara de Algimia, whose toponymy clearly reveals their Arabian past, are sleepy little villages that still mostly live off citrus culture, but are slowly gearing up for tourism as a welcome addition to present and future growth. Her village, full of flowery balconies, has many interesting historical sites, like the municipal wash house still in use or the cisterna cistern , both of Arabian origin, the colorfullypainted Church of Saint Agustin, or the small white hermitage towering over the village.

It is also host to multitudinous fests which provide. Encarna Molina is, at 83, one of the few women left to make orelletes, a honey sprinkled flowershaped fried dough. We have come a long way, but precisely one of the great advantages of this Greenway is that it runs almost parallel to the official railway and thus allows us to do smaller stretches at a time and avoid passes. Whereas beaches are similar all around the Mediterranean, the Greenways are an unparalleled means to make contact with and drink in the essence of a different culture with such varied a landscape and so rich a heritage as Spain.

Her articles have appeared in The Boston Globe. Natural environment: Mediterranean woodland: pine trees, oak groves and dwarf junipers.

Dry riverbeds. Teruel monumental heritage site. Natural environment: Mediterranean olive fields, almond trees, vineyards, kermes oak and pine tree woodland. Cultural heritage: Churches, castles, archeological sites, bridges and stately homes, porticos, old jailhouses and town halls in the different municipalities. Natural environment: Ebro riverside and karstic canyons. Xerta diversion dam. Natural environment: La Garrotxa volcanic natural park. Romanesque hermitages.

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Castillo d'Hostoles castle. Natural environment: Mediterranean woodland. Cultural heritage: Girona and Castell d'Aro monumental heritage sites. Natural environment: Ter valley. Sierra Caballera mountains. Natural environment: Pine woodland.

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Breathtaking karstic landscape: canyons and cavities. Cultural heritage: Fontcalda sanctuary 16th century.

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Sant Salvador d'Horta convent in Horta. Sant Josep en Bot hermitage. Natural environment: Carrascal de la Font Roja natural park. Cultural heritage: Alcoi town center. Moros y Cristianos festival. Gypsum ravines. Gardens and Mediterranean woodland. Natural environment: Marjal de PegoOliva natural park. Natural environment: La Mata lagoons and Torrevieja natural park. Cultural heritage: Salt industry interpretation center and other museums. Natural environment: Ravines. Orange groves. Irrigation canal network. El Puig monastery.

Natural environment: Mariola mountain. Vinalopo, Agres and Serpis valleys. Ravine in Agres. Cultural heritage: Historic quarter and Bihar castle. Natural environment: Badlands and pine tree mountain areas. Mula valley. Ruins of Begastri.

Railway viaducts. But today a number of Spanish women chefs are showing what they can do at the helm of their own. Whether traditional, classic or decidedly modern, they are receiving recognition, good reviews and even the much.

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Michelin stars. We will be telling their story in two installments, adopting for practical purposes a geographical dividing line: the. The kitchen has always been female territory, at least on a domestic level.

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Cooking in Spain cannot be imagined without the quiet, profound influence of women. The teachings of grandmothers, mothers and aunts represent an invaluable heritage stemming from traditions passed on over a hot stove. Women are the backbone of cooking. It is impossible to conceive of modern gastronomy without the essential contribution made in the background by hundreds of women who, over the centuries, have kept culinary traditions and methods alive that would otherwise have fallen into oblivion.

Perhaps everything began back in the Neolithic period with primitive, basic cooking—quite the opposite of how we see it today—because there were no pleasurable, playful aspects involved.