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Thank you! I just got out of a relationship and have decided to date myself for the rest of Yoga and writing have definitely kept me sane through it all.

I just need to incorporate being outdoors a few more days a week. Hi Melissa, Thank you for a great article! It resonated deeply with me, and I will be needing it soon. Today I realized I have had enough of an empty marriage and I will take my life back. It is great to have the tools in hand as I embrace the change.

Hi Melissa, your article is great. It gives me new hope that it is never too late to start anew and set new priorities in life. Thank you for writing this and for invoking this new sense in me. That there is so much more. Thank you for this post.

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I want to find myself alone and these are great steps in doing just that. I realise this is a terribel position to be in so I have decided I need to make some friends. Researching how to make friends I came across your article so thank you so much Melissa. Thank you for this article. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Photo by Namita Azad. The following two tabs change content below.

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Adjusting To Living Alone After A Breakup

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Almost everybody suffers depression after a breakup, but it disappears after a period of mourning, and you move on. If you see your separation as a sign of failure, inability, or worthlessness, be aware that this is usually not the reality. In most cases, both partners are to be blamed for the failure of a marriage. If you feel helpless and like a victim, it's because you are trapped in passivity, but you must be active, move on, and feel better.

The Science of Heartbreak

The lost spouse and love are not a necessary condition for survival, and you can have a happy and fulfilling life without them too! When looking for new sources of emotional support and positive self-experience, you can find situations in which you are likely to experience fun and joy.

9 Ways I Dealt With Loneliness After Breaking-Up (#7 Is Not So Good)

And you should reward yourself when you do things you do not like! People often have feelings of anger or revenge after separations, especially if partners have suddenly pulled out or if they have been involved in extra-marital relationships. You feel abandoned, degraded, and humiliated, and your sense of masculinity or femininity may be hurt. These negative emotions are normal—you should worry only if you are unable to displace such hostile feelings. These feelings and anger can make you overreact and strike things or even scream.

Questioning yourself about your spouse's negative view of you leads to thinking that a person you once loved cannot be such a bad person after all! Anger releases large amounts of energy and this is the best way to face new challenges. You should never let yourself be carried away by revenge, as this will only lead to your humiliation. In addition, retaliation would only lead to reciprocal actions resulting in tension, perhaps additional legal fees, or even jail following acts of violence or child abduction.

Therefore, you only harm yourself and the situation does not change at all. The best revenge would be to start a happy life You will often experience a surge of remorse and guilt, especially if you are the one who has initiated the separation. Your extra-marital relationship may be broken or your children may suffer greatly from the dissolution of their family. Think how you would feel as a child if you if you were surrounded by constant marital conflict and unhappy parents.

Incidentally, it would be very unusual for you to feel no guilt after the separation whatsoever! It is normal to feel lonely after the separation, and less attractive, and that you are afraid of finding a new partner. First of all, try to accept the feeling of solitude; learn to see the positive side of being alone and then go out and enjoy your social circles.

Eventually, you may feel free to escape in new relationships in order to avoid loneliness, but it is better if you first see yourself as single and adopt the appropriate lifestyle.

How to Deal with Loneliness after Divorce or a Break-Up | Cigna

Only then and after your separation processes are over does it generally make sense to begin the search for partners. For dealing with emotions of various kinds, you can take the following principles into consideration:. If you cannot cope with your emotions, you should go to a counseling center or a private practice psychologist. You will find a lot of understanding there, empathy, care, comfort and emotional support. Men are also welcome there as long as they do not play the "strong man" and admit that they need help.