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They toiled in mines and munitions factories across Asia and fought alongside Japanese troops. Women were sent to military-run brothels. After the war, South Korea sought compensation on behalf of these workers. But most workers got nothing. Lee and the families of three other plaintiffs — a landmark decision clearing the way for former laborers and their descendants to claim the local assets of Japanese companies.

A lower court ordered the PNR shares seized in January. Lee said, referring to the other plaintiffs, all of whom died during the long legal battle. At least a dozen cases involving 70 Japanese companies — including Toshiba, Panasonic and Nissan — are pending in lower courts, which have begun to rule in favor of the plaintiffs. The stakes are high. A South Korean commission in the s confirmed the identities of , living and deceased victims of forced labor, and scholars say some Japanese companies in operation can be traced to those that exploited such workers.

For many Japanese, they represent the latest attempt to punish their nation for actions for which it has already apologized and, in this case, paid reparations. But for many South Koreans, the rulings represent vindication after a prolonged struggle against powerful forces, including their own government. Despite the help of Japanese activists, the workers lost their lawsuits in Japan, where the courts ruled their claims were settled by the treaty.

The courts in South Korea initially echoed that position. But in , the workers got a break — a court ordered the South Korean Foreign Ministry to release documents related to the talks behind the treaty. Still, many received nothing. In , the Supreme Court ruled the workers had the right to sue Japanese companies despite the treaty, and ordered lower courts to reconsider earlier verdicts.

But the workers continued to face obstacles. It took so long for the Supreme Court to rule again that some accused the former president, Park Geun-hye, of conspiring with the court to delay a ruling or find a way to overturn the decision. Prosecutors investigating that allegation indicted the former chief justice , Yang Sung-tae, on Monday.

Global perspective: Indonesia, Japan can work together to drive Indo-Pacific initiative

When the court finally ruled for the workers in October, eight of the 14 sitting justices were newcomers appointed by Mr. The solo exhibition titled "Hanging Gardends" by Tomomi Nitta, a contemporary artist, exhibits an installation which consists 6 sets of paintings comprised of multiple canvasis and a video projection.

Students learned how to stretch a canvas, select and apply primer, and prepare a painting surface. The 3-day event is open to the general public. A formal event to celebrate 50 years of excellent bilateral relations between Japan and Singapore. The event is open to invited guests and corporate sponsors only.

The artist lectured and demonstrated the oil painting technique, using absorbent primed surface and cristal powder, the pigments used for traditional Japanese paintings. Each students created a painting, using those techniques. Koto Lecture, Talk and mini concert by Kazue Sawai. This event is open to general public. No koto experience is required. Admission is free, but registration is required. Please register here. Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore attaches its personnel to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan to exchange views on port policy of both countries and so on.

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The official logo for the 50th anniversary of Singapore-Japan diplomatic relations has been selected on 18th September through public competition which was conducted from 8 June to 10 July with 80 entries. This logo will be used for the events related to the 50th anniversary of Singapore-Japan diplomatic relations in The details of the approval criteria and the application process can be found here. As for the approved projects, you may refer to the table below. Thank you very much for your enthusiastic support! We have launched a Japan centric community site for Singaporeans.

Based on preferences and interests indicated during registration, we will present attractions and latest updates customized to each member.

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Exchange and interaction is also encouraged amongst members to increase the motivation and desire to Japan. In Singapore where travel personalization and needs segmentation are advanced, increased repeat visits to Japan can be achieved by enhancing the satisfaction levels of visitors who are interested in learning more about Japan.

Hideki Togi, a guest artiste from Japan and renowned Gagaku musician for students of Republic Polytechnic. Mr Togi's 90 minutes workshop had inspired young Singaporean minds and the students had enjoyed learning Japanese history, traditional culture and the Japanese spirit through the world of Gagaku — the Japanese imperial court music. Business matching sessions included 2 Opportunity to learn about the versatility of Japanese ingredients in on-site cooking demonstration by renowned Cantonese and Italian chefs. A strong crowd enjoyed music and dance entertainment items from HIBIKIYA performance group in Singapore, featuring Taiko drums, masked dances, lion dances and Japanese music ensemble performances.

With an average age of 84, KBG84 performed a repertoire of 5 songs, uniting the audience in song and dance in their first ever concert out of Japan. Experience Enchanting Mie.

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Those who are first-time learners may observe the session, and try playing te koto from - with the help of experienced koto learners. Cheng Ballet Academy is 10 years old!

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In celebration of this momentous and happy occasion, the academy is proud to present its 10th anniversary full-length production of — The Sleeping Beauty. The premiere performance took place at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg on January 15, and the work has become one of classical repertoire's most famous ballets. LoveKumamoto Volunteering Trip. This December, a team of 9 Singaporean volunteers will be organising Christmas activities for the people living in transitional shelters to bring Christmas cheers for the communities.

The Merlion and Mt. Fuji: 50 Years of Singapore-Japan Relations. We have conducted a Japan tourism seminar using a visual projection, and also welcoming the famous local comedian, Mr.

Japan set to wade into diplomatic row by bypassing ban on whaling

In addition, by sharing the contents of the seminar online provides a re-experience and increase the motivation of traveling to Japan to FIT travelers. In celebration of SJ50, Japan Airlines introduces special dishes inspired by Singaporean cuisine on board our flights from Singapore to Tokyo in the month of November. Iconic dishes have been given a creative twist, introducing Singaporean flavors to all our passengers. Japanese cuisine being popular among and a favourite of Singaporeans, sparked the idea behind this online Japanese restaurant guide. Written in English by the local editors, only restaurants that serve quality Japanese food and hospitality in true Japanese style are selected.

Port City. From Singapore to Tokyo, The Graduate Singers TGS showcases classic and contemporary works from both countries and our home region, in the spirit of friendly cultural exchange. Christmas On A Great Street SJ50 Football Carnival. We are participating for the first time this year to showcase the various fintech technologies from Japan, and offer and support the overseas business expansion of companies which have Intellectual Properties in such related fields. Hello Hokkaido! Wander among stalls selling all kinds of goods and goodies while enjoying performances and an ambience inspired by the magnificent island.

Fresh crab dishes will also be served by our Celebrity Chef Restaurants during this period. So come down now for a fun, delicious time! The Japan-Singapore Association. We hope that this event will be a bridge between two countries from the Cultural point of view.


Entrance fee is free. Many people are welcome to enjoy this event. Workshop by Japan Temari Cultural Association. Through the exhibition and workshop of Temari, we would like to show the charm of Temari as Japan's ancient traditional culture to Singapore. And we also would like to contribute to build the friendship between Singapore and Japan by enjoying making Temari with Singaporean.