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Like any other type of organization, police agencies eventually encounter the need for transformational change to address issues that undermine effectiveness and efficiency. According to Edgar Schein , the two most significant factors of culture are the shared values and underlying assumptions that influence the attitudes and behaviors of those within the organization.

They then have little motivation to support change efforts, and the person whose job it is to create change faces a significantly more difficult task. The first key component in creating this culture is to understand the difference between managing and leading. Long-term success in creating a culture motivated to change is dependent on two critical components; sharing your vision and providing meaning to others.

Effective leaders have a vision of where they want the organization to go, and how they want to get there. Armed with that vision, the leader draws upon his or her established credibility and instills in others the desire and confidence to pursue change. That vision becomes the energy behind the change in culture. Creating a culture of change is about developing a shared sensed of destiny and enrolling others in those efforts so they can see their own interests as being aligned with the organization.

Most management experts agree that sharing a vision and finding meaning and purpose in work are the ultimate motivators and, consequently, they will help pave the path to personal and organizational fulfillment. The most effective way to create and sustain the motivational culture is the continual application and reinforcement of those behaviors that emphasize the vision and purpose of the organization. A collective sense of purpose will, in nearly all cases, overcome an established cultural resistance towards change.

One of the most frustrating aspects of organizational leadership can be the inability to effectively implement necessary change within an agency, and the accompanying push-back that will inevitably occur. Ultimately, the key to success in creating a culture in which change is accepted and embraced is not found in the type of change desired or its degree of necessity.

It is in those leadership efforts that are necessary to develop the organizational values and underlying assumptions in which change is not only possible, but is also welcome. Barry has over 35 years of professional experience, including 31 years as a law enforcement officer and supervisor. Barry also served with the Wisconsin Department of Justice as a senior training officer where he developed the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Career Development Program, a management and leadership training program for law enforcement supervisors.

He is a national columnist on law enforcement management and leadership issues, and serves as a consultant to law enforcement agencies. In addition to his criminal justice degree, Barry holds a degree in business and an MS in management. More PoliceOne Articles. More Product Listings.

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