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To rid of their fiendish desires? If so, could I get an example? Answer by M. Mearls: Would require finding sliver of human emotion in a fiend, building on it.

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Think of it as the reverse of corrupting a paladin or other hero. Since you have also asked for past lore, there are examples from most of the earlier editions. Let us start with a list of fiends who are outside of the box, ie. It is also worth noting that there are a few other examples of serious alignment change amongst fiends. She agreed to be transformed by the diety Wee Jas and became LE. Dragon April , It describes point-based temptation and redemption scales as a way to handle the game mechanics.

Amongst creatures that could be redeemed, a section talks about outsiders from evil planes ie. Sometimes outsiders from these planes are forced to stay on the Material Plane. Separated from the source of their power, they can occasionally and very rarely succumb to alien ideas—kindness, forgiveness, and mercy. These few individuals come to see the error in their ways and slowly make the transition from evil to good. The spell entraps the target in a diamond for a year, during which its " soul reflects on past evils and slowly finds within itself a spark of goodness ".

Finally, while there are all these examples, they must still be extremely rare in a huge multiverse, so most characters would be unaware of the possibility of redeemed fiends. Perhaps only Planescape planar characters might consider such possibility, but not the clueless primes. Yet, if you want to inform the player characters, there is one way: you can introduce redeemers deities. As a personal note: Planescape products had more diverse and deeper philosophy than most of the material that came afterwards.

There are fan-authored PS sourcebooks for the 5e. So you ask whether a fiend can be redeemed. The answer is affirmative: yes, as long as you believe that it can happen. You see, the Outer Planes, are all about belief. Why do you think the Gray Waste is gloomy and Carceri is all deception? Why is the Beastlands so wild and beautiful?

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Because of you, of course, because of you, me, and millions of other clueless beings living their lives in pain, fear, desolation, hate, but also in love, hope, curiosity and awe. So all the Outer Planes are a reflection of the good things and bad things in our collective conscious , our total mental presence in this multiverse. Beings like fiends and celestials, modrons and slaadi, are all reflections of the "belief matter" of their respective native planes.

Archons are these law-abiding pillars of good, why? Because they are Celestia personified. Why are yugoloths those selfish schemers that they are? Thanks to your selfishness empowering the Gray Waste.

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So you might conclude that they can never become something else. With pure good or pure evil personified, you would think that a deva is incorruptible, or a cornugon irredeemable, yeah? It is still all about belief. Do you like stories of fallen angels? Do you find them interesting, but more importantly do you find them believable? Pride, or jealousy, or the plain old feeling of boredom causes the powerful planetar to let go - you find that intriguing, don't you? If your answer is yes, congrats, you have allowed some celestials to loose their paths.

Likewise, if you give credence to stories of risen ultraloths, some will surely rise. If enough people believed that there could be succubus paladins, in this vast multiverse, there will be some.

Black Fire, Golden Heart: “Demonic Redemption” by Sheldon Lewis Tichkowsky

Sadly redeemed fiends are a lot fewer in number than fallen celestials, mainly because people like stories of falls more than stories of redemption. Yet they exist and will keep on existing, as stories of redemption are really about us, about our hopes for self-redemption, our beliefs that how deep our souls have fallen, there will be some way to atone, to climb back up and reach peace. If the darkest fiend is not beyond help, we should be too, right? Before I conclude, let me give you tip. If you fall in love with a particular succubus and expect it to return your love, or if you are asking for mercy from a molydeus, you are a hopeless fool.

But when enough of us keep in our hearts a path for seeking atonement, a way to forgiveness and a belief that love and compassion can overwhelm evil, there will be risen fiends of all kinds in the vast expanse of the multiverse.

Healing the painful past does not mean forgetting it.

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Nemenia Nemenia 2, 5 5 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges. I couldn't really decide. Possessing no compassion, empathy, or mercy, they exist only to destroy. Angel : pride can lead to a mistake that leads to a fall. Two simple and opposed potential outcomes: The demon leaves the Abyss forever, never to return The demon enlists allies to return to the abyss and avenge something.

KorvinStarmast KorvinStarmast The 5e adventure Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus has an option to redeem a fiend. Think of it as the reverse of corrupting a paladin or other hero Past Lore: There are "plenty" of examples for redeemed fiends. But once I got a little further in, I started to notice a few nuances that the author had woven into the story.

The final confrontation with Andahar proves to be quite stirring and emotional for everyone involved, making it an enjoyable twist to what seemed like a pretty standard tale. Visit dorrancebookstore. Bibliography: Tichkowsky, Sheldon Lewis. Demonic Redemption. Pittsburgh: Dorrance Publishing, WOW…this book was written by a teenager over a period of time. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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