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Humboldt State University - Around 8, undergraduates use RCV to elect both council representatives and executive officers like president and vice president. The Associated Students first used the new system in the spring elections after the President-elect in won on a platform of support for RCV.

California State University, Northridge - With six Model UN titles since and over student organizations, Northridge has a tradition of civic engagement and social awareness. California State University, Chico — CSUC, with one of the longest histories of higher education in California, builds a strong sense of community within its student body.

The Associated Students have used RCV since to elect officers, which has resulted in consistently high turnout. In , well over 4, of the University's 16, students voted for Student Body President, setting an all-time record. Turnout has remained high in the years to follow.

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Pursuant to Government Code Request Certified Copy of Voter Registration. Learn About Notices Payments Searches. Contact Us. Top Requests Current Elections. Our work includes: Researching county voter rolls to find duplicate registrations, names of deceased still on the voter rolls, and voters registered in more than one county. Insuring the integrity of our elections through training volunteer poll workers, poll observers, and ballot processing observers to determine whether the CA election codes are being followed. Sending Position Papers to the Legislative Committees and members of the Legislature to oppose legislation that continues to "open the door to fraud" or support legislation that protects the integrity of our election process.

EIP studied the extensive California Elections Code and the federal election laws that govern elections in preparation to train citizens to observe the polls and document what procedures are being used in the polls.


This effort, the first to be undertaken in the state of California, established a baseline of how California counties are implementing the procedures as required by the election codes. Click here or on image to download pdf of history of EIP. In , as a result of our recruiting efforts and research in and , thousands of citizens volunteered to be trained by EIP to observe and document what is taking place in our polling locations.

Our Observers documented substantive violations of federal and California election law. EIP's Observer Report can be found by clicking here. Of special concern: California is not in compliance with the federal Help America Vote Act of HAVA which requires each state to have a top-down statewide voter registration database. Due to a memorandum of agreement with the DOJ, California has been functioning with a bottom-up system that makes it impossible for counties to do cross-county research of their databases.

California's election codes have only one law that helps prevent voter impersonation at the polls, the check-in procedure. This law was continually and egregiously violated by election officers who refused to follow the law stating 'they were not trained in this law.