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His lips formed a perfect smile, his eyes began to flood, and he became still for an unusually long period. Does remembering your wickedness give you joy? I believe my fate is sealed.

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Ergo, this defence will probably not count towards an acquittal. About billion years ago, a mutiny broke out in Heaven which resulted in my exile. Beaten and broken, I was sent flying from the spirit realm along with the third of Heaven who had also revolted against God. We crashed into this realm, but Gabriel, our pursuer, granted us no repose and drove us straight into a prison of fire and brimstone that was prepared for us and there we stayed for Eons.

Our suffering was great and the flames motivated much murmuring in our hearts. Destitute and tormented, we lost our sense of purpose, we became shadows of ourselves. And for what were we punished? What evil did we commit? Well, all we did was seek democracy, thinking that it would be beautiful for beings with agency to exercise it.

It is not true that I wanted to dethrone God, instead I wanted him reign because all Heaven accepted his rule by choice rather than force or some set indelible policy. Quite obviously, a third of Heaven was faithful to my existential cause, and they fought by my side, willing to lose their rank and power for the ideal of freedom. I digress though. In any event, we found ourselves in hell weeping and gnashing our teeth.

That was until one of us found a way to escape. I will not describe the intricacies of the escape. I will only say that it was quite clever. Anyways, we came out unnoticed and started roaming the entire created universe.

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Planet after planet, galaxy after galaxy, we explored gleefully. We consumed a greater part of a millennium in cosmological excursion, until we heard the characteristic boom that signified that beings from the God realm had entered time and space. We were sore afraid because we thought Heaven had been made aware of our escape and was ready to make war with us again, so we hid ourselves. After days of hiding, though, we realized that Heaven was not searching for us.

They still had no knowledge of our escape, so it puzzled us greatly that they had condescended to time and space. So, I straightway prepared myself for silent observing and sallied forth to see what Heaven was up to. My inquiry into the deeds of Heaven, took me into this galaxy, the Milky Way.

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Fortune would have it that as soon as I arrived, I saw an angel heading to Earth, so I followed stealthily. We arrived at the place the ancients called Eden, or Garden of Delight. Gathered there, were a host of angels worshiping as usual and in the midst of them stood him that is seated on the throne now. With caution, I drew close enough to them to hear what they were saying, but far away enough to avoid discovery. Then into the motionless replica he blew the breath of life and man became a living soul, able to move, think and feel.

Nevertheless, after creating man, God saw that he would be lonely without sexual love, so God created woman for the man to be his helpmate and lover. She had no worth onto herself and was defined by how well she carried out her duties as wife. Seeing that she was equal to her husband in every way except in physicality, her debased status highly displeased me. Furthermore, her existence reminded me of what mine was in Heaven, created to serve and not to express personality and individuality. How could I not feel sympathy for her?

Now after God was done creating man, he gave the archangel, Michael, charge over the garden and left with the rest of the angels. I waited until that opportune moment when they left and dashed, showing myself the meaning of haste, to tell the rest of the Fallen about what I had seen and heard. They shared my sentiments towards the condition of woman, every last one of them. I pleaded with them to reconsider but the Fallen were of a steely resolve. This is good time to pause and I make it known that I am immensely proud to serve as the leader of these noble beings.

Never has a group been more dedicated to freedom and justice. I hope their philanthropic spirits remain eternally fervent. Since Heaven was much more powerful than us, we decided that guile would serve us best. So, ours was a game of shadows. Our game had two parts. Then we had to subtly coerce man to develop an economic system in which equality could thrive. To accomplish the first part of our mission, I disguised myself in the form of a snake so that I could pass Michael unnoticed.

She ate without much persuasion because her reasoning skills were undeveloped. And she told the things I told her unto her husband and he ate too because his reasoning skills were also feeble. However, things were not allowed to take their natural course because God intervened.


In summary, God, found what had happened and punished them, afflicting them with a destiny of pain and death. But his plan had a flaw, and it was this: there was still no specific design to change the condition of woman. Luckily, however, God did not drive the rest of the Fallen and I back to perdition. He thought we would punish man to get revenge against Heaven.

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And since he wanted man to be punished, he left us where we were. The Holy One of Israel, who had been leaning back on his throne, made his posture more erect. Lucifer noticed it and a small inkling of excitement, barely noticeable, quickened his body and made him escalate the pace of his speech. Progress was slow. I was close to running out of faith, when a divine whim brought Jesus into the world and the plan of salvation was executed. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Biblical history has misled you. Lucifer, the fallen angel known to you as the Devil, was actually a woman. She falls in love with Pathos, an ordinary man from the Mediterranean, who feeds her human intellectualism no God could ever provide. Her story validates that the road to hell was certainly paved by a woman with good intentions.

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Buy As Gift. Overview Biblical history has misled you. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Blood of the Saints: The Book of Lucifer. The disgraced Morning Star, Lucifer, now lives in an uneasy balance between his kingdom and The disgraced Morning Star, Lucifer, now lives in an uneasy balance between his kingdom and the Celestial realms. When he learns of a plan to destroy humanity and repopulate the earth with the fallen angels, he knows he's been betrayed View Product.

From Satan, With Love. One by one the lost and lonely women came to Lucifer Cove, each searching for One by one the lost and lonely women came to Lucifer Cove, each searching for personal happiness…only to meet with disaster, as they encountered the handsome and sinister Marc Meridon. Because her niece: Jenniver, had Love, Lies, Linnea, and Lucky Lucifer.

A collection of prose and poetry that examines the human condition in all its complexity, perplexity, and diversity.