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This page intentionally left blank Language and Identity The language we use forms an important part of our sense of.

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Just when Mist is ready to give up the duty the All-father laid on her, she meets a mysterious woman, Bella Stratus, and a man who helps her save Bella's life: Eric Larsson, the perfect embodiment of a Viking warrior. He's charming, good-natured, and nearly her equal in strength; and for the first time in centuries Mist has found someone she might be able to love But even as Mist remembers the past she left behind and contemplates a new future with Eric, Bella warns her that she can't fight her fate.

No matter what happens, no matter how hard she tries, she'll never be able to escape the destiny that awaits her. She has a normal job, a normal boyfriend, and a normal apartment in San Francisco. She never thinks about her past if she can help it. She survived. That's the end of it. But then a snowy winter descends upon San Francisco. In June. And in quick succession, Mist is attacked by a frost giant in a public park and runs into an elf disguised as a homeless person on the streets She really hates animals. First sentence : Good and evil have always existed. But the worst is still to come : To you predead people, like it or not, postalive people are not your bitches.

Other reviews: iamjanesheart , 3 guys 1 book , Life in 64 Square Feet , Bookhounds. On the cover?

That was intentional, right? Somebody spoke up, right? Well, if it was intentional, consider meā€¦not that shocked really. I loved Fight Club. I have disliked everything else Chuck Palahniuk has published. He usually manages to catch my attention early on, but it never lasts and there is a wake of barely-read Palahniuks trailing behind me.

Is he, therefore, a shitty author? One thing shitty book authors do frequently is take an otherwise uninteresting scene, in this case a Lincoln Town Car Ford must be paying authors to mention them leaving a gated estate in the hills above Los Angeles, and transform it into epic, supreme holy business, in this case the fulfillment of a prophecy sung by ancient Egyptian oracles. It is too hard to write two or three sentences describing a car driving, and all the ugly shit that comes along behind it in simple terms, including lights being extinguished and rats being crushed.

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Shitty authors also like using odd devices they think clever to unfurl the narrative. So then I read the first three pages of the real book and it it actually got worse. Madison Spencer is a ghost. A snarky ghost. A fat snarky ghost. Who escaped Hell. It feels like bad science fiction. It feels like tongue-in-cheek chick-lit. It feels like young adult fiction. It feels amateurish. This is a blog about shitty books, not about shitty authors. This book is shitty. Now he goes for shock value but he leaves us with nothing shocking or valuable.

Just thought it was interesting. Worst sentence : Ken Arkwright had seen more than most but remained avuncular and sanguine, a good copper for a green girl to be beneath the wing of. SAT words in that sentence : avuncular, sanguine Animals I would rather be eaten by than read this book : shark, zebra, lamprey, parrot. On the inside flap of this book is praise from a critic from Time magazine.

I feel sorry for him not to have this category checkbox I have here on my WordPress site. A lot. So all the references were not necessary.

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I remember I was dead. Not so. Kate Atkinson is crafty enough with her sentences, but a book with so many news and pop references can only appeal to one small segment of the population: racist British news junkie pensioners. Even if the writing were spectacular it gets completely lost in this mud of bollocks you once watched on BBC One.

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Something with stabs. Method of selecton : Ripped out the beating heart of a young man dressed as Tezcatlipoca in traditional Aztec ritual sacrifice, then took a stroll to the library First sentence : The Otis elevator climbing the south pillar of the Eiffel Tower was overflowing with tourists. Worst sentence : To this day, this ancient battle garb was donned by modern office warriors hoping to intimidate their enemies in daily boardroom battles. He went to Philips Exeter Academy, then to Amherst college.

He was a member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity, played squash, sang in the Amherst glee club, and spent a year abroad in Spain. Dan Brown is the whitest man in America. Perhaps then he can be forgiven for also writing such shitty books.

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For this entry, I did some research on prologues. Because shitty book authors exist only to write prologues. And prologues exist to make authors shitty. Nobody I know has ever beamed. Not that it matters, because it turns out Dan Brown writes shitty books and shitty people pay to read shitty books and there will always be millions of shitty people who want shitty books. Dan Brown also wants you to know that everything in this book is really real. All rituals, science, artwork, and monuments in this novel are real.

He makes sure to use REAL things in his book so you know just how really real it really is. With so many real places and real companies and real products, it feels really real! And also like paid product positioning. With all that money, he could pay for writing lessons. Shit, with that much money, he could pay to reanimate Ernest Hemingway and force him to write his next novel, Inferno , at the point of a gun that shoots diamonds.

Method of Selection : A gypsy gave me a shittybook divining rod. I really liked Mist. I wish I would have seen much more of her. At times it felt as though her story line were taking a backseat. She had quit a few surprises throughout the story and very few of them were any good for her situation but she handled them as they came, overcoming obstacles against the odds and making her a truly enjoyable character to watch. The world-building was complex though I felt there could have been more showing than telling in some areas. The book read more as a first installment where the author is setting the stage then a second book where much of the world and histories are already established.

I wouldn't say that Black Ice was a favorite of mine but I will say that it was an enjoyable read that as piqued my interested enough to keep an eye out for the next installment. The norse mythology really kept me engaged as a reader. Jul 19, Marta Cox rated it liked it. This is the second book in the Midgard urban fantasy series and there's certainly a lot going on.

I have previously read books by this author aimed at fans of paranormal romance so was quite keen to see what Ms Krinard would do with something based on Norse mythology. It's an interesting idea with a modern day Valkyrie as the heroine and the concept of Loki also known as the trickster god as the protagonist is very appealing but Mist is still following a steep learning curve and as her powers ma This is the second book in the Midgard urban fantasy series and there's certainly a lot going on.

It's an interesting idea with a modern day Valkyrie as the heroine and the concept of Loki also known as the trickster god as the protagonist is very appealing but Mist is still following a steep learning curve and as her powers magnify so too do her troubles. I'm not really sure that I'm the right person to review this as I have not read the previous book that sets the scene.

There are an awful lot of diverse characters in this story and for this reader they are not fleshed out enough. Such a lot does depend I think upon the readers knowledge of Norse mythology and just about everything from Freya to Frost Giants is thrown into the mix. I found it quite confusing at times to remember who was doing what and just why.

Dainn is a character who I don't feel has really been given a fair shot and I'm not quite fully convinced by the interaction between him and Mist if honest.

The Swordswoman

She is certainly a heroine to reckon with and I would prefer her to be on my side and not against me as her emerging powers could be awesome but this book just lacked something for this reader. I wasn't expecting romance but I just did not really enjoy it as much as I hoped. I'm sure someone else will rate this higher but for me three and a half but please read and make up up your own mind as this author truly is very talented. So much going on but unfortunately for me it missed the mark so I'd say three and a half Copy gifted by publisher in return for an honest review Aug 09, Denise Van plew rated it really liked it.

This is a wonderful mix of mythology with the here and now.

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This is the second book and even though I had not read the first one it still was easy enough for me to follow along. There is a battle going on with the main players being Loki and Mist with their prospective fellows that are right there along with them. The is also a child Danny involved that Loki has kept close to him for his advantage that is quite a unusual twist to a story such as this.

If as a reader you are looking for lots of a This is a wonderful mix of mythology with the here and now. If as a reader you are looking for lots of adventure this is the novel to read. There are alot of twists and turns the author takes you through that exhilarated while reading this novel.